CPT has been engaged in agriculture& horticulture film
business over 20 years.

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We are one of the most technology oriented company among
all Chinese manufactures.

Why CPT ?

CERES is the right choice
  • Conform to international standard

  • Quality assurance

  • Cost-effective products

  • Faster delivery based on high production capacity

  • 20 years OEM experience for abroad

  • Flattening sales channel brings more benefit to clients

  • Ceres Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd

Company Profile

CERES is the right choice

Ceres Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd (CPT) is a Joint venture company of Ceres plastic Canada and Shandong Huaxin Plastics Group which is a leading player in the Chinese agriculture& horticulture film market since 1996. The Group, stock limited corporation, has developed various plastics products, including plastic film, masterbatch, PE&PVC pipe, aluminum profile etc. The annual turnover exceeds RMB 1.5billion($210million) and company’s footprint has 1.5million m2.